Walrus Web Works


Do you need a dud link fixed or a logo changed? Maybe your site has been hacked? Often hacks are not glaringly obvious. Sometimes you will click on a link and another tab will open up quietly in the background. Sometimes you will suddenly get an email from Google telling you your site has been blacklisted. Sometimes your mail suddenly gets consigned to spam. We can help you clean your site and keep your software updated.

Whether you need a fancy animated gallery added or a simple email added, we can help.



What the Walrus offers:

Our speciality is combined hosting and maintenance

This package is aimed at the small business website. If you need a few things changed every month but don't have an IT person on your payroll, then the walrus can help.

The Walrus package includes:

  • 1 hour web maintenance (this can be split into two half-hour slots)
  • Web traffic 2 000Mb
  • Storage Space 2 000Mb
  • MySQL database 1


To give you an idea, this is enough to update your contact details, change a pricing schedule, add a testimonial, create a new email account for the new employee or add a few new images of successful jobs. 

Additional maintenance is available on an ad hoc basis.

To qualify for the special hosting/maintenance price we require clients to sign-up for a minimum of six months.

Email us to find out about developing a new site, or transferring/updating an existing site.

We know Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress inside out. Straight html or php sites also handled with aplomb.